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Large formats have always played an important role in art history. Be it the pyramids, statues of gods or murals in ancient Egypt, the statues of emperors and generals in ancient Rome or the "cathedrals reaching into the sky" in the Gothic era. For many centuries, the large format had the function of reflecting power, fame and wealth, or to show the social status of a person. Church and pope or even the wealthy, bourgeois client decorated their palaces with opulent frescoes, statues and portraits that wanted to be seen.


The large format is still sure to attract attention today. Nevertheless, the function of the large format has shifted in the present. Today, artists increasingly choose it as a means of expressing their artistic freedom. They are no longer primarily bound to a commission (client) or a motif, nor to a particular image carrier. The very own style of each artist comes to bear, as will also be discovered in our exhibition.

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