Bookstore & Publications

GHK Publishing House

The Galerie Henze & Ketterer in Wichtrach is joined by a small specialized bookstore on German Expressionism, in particular Brücke and on the artists we represent, and a publishing house for special tasks, which is still being read out.

The bookstore is specialized in our special fields of activity, especially in the artists who are directly served by the gallery. We try to keep available for these artists also those titles which are already out of print.

The publishing house produces the catalogs of the gallery, which are sent in very large numbers to private and public collections and institutions as well as art critics and art historians worldwide. In addition, we publish individual publications on our artists as well as catalogs raisonnés.

Galerie Henze & Ketterer, Bookstore & Publisher
Bookstore in the UG, Bern/Wichtrach