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George Grosz, the critic and chronicler of his time, who railed against the bourgeoisie, against the war and against capitalism, and as such achieved fame both in his native Germany and in his adopted country America, where he is counted in several surveys as one of the best artists of his time, shows himself in the exhibition from a completely different side: as a sensitive admirer of the female nude, especially when his beloved wife Eva is the model for him - a very great love.

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The core of the exhibition is a series of watercolors of nudes painted by George Grosz in America, all of which come directly from the artist's estate. These watercolors are part of the artist's intense and fruitful exploration of the theme of the nude during the time he spent in a country far removed from his native Germany. Big city motifs such as street scenes, music halls, ballets, fairs and other places of leisure and pleasure were very popular at the beginning of the 20th century and inspired Grosz to create some of his masterpieces. But why did the artist devote himself almost exclusively to the theme of the nude in several hundred paintings and works on paper during his years in America?

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